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Dr. Ashford's THOUGHTS - May 3 to June 7, 2020

- It appears from several levels of evidence that the MMR vaccination prevents COVID-19.
- This discovery was made March 18, 2020.
- There is now substantial evidence that inexpensive Rubella titers can be obained to determine risk.
- Morbidity and mortality (deaths) can largely be eliminated by MMR vaccinations.
- MMR vaccinations are available now and can start being administered to those at most risk immediately.

MMR - COVID-19 Report

Progress in Rubella and Congenital Rubella Syndrome Control and Elimination: Worldwide, 2000 to 2016
Corresponding author: Gavin B. Grant,, 404-639-8806.

MMR Registry

MMR Concept (SBMT) May 3, 2020

Australia - COVIDsafe APP

INFORMATION - Demographics, Data, Reports


NIH National Library of Medicine - PubMed - search for CORONAVIRUS
more than 17,000 references since 1949

U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs - CORONAVIRUS

CORONAVIRUS - COVID-19 Affects the Brain and Mind

Tour of the COVID-19 Information Portal For Researchers & Health Information Professionals

MMWE: April 17, 2020: Characteristics of Health Care Personnel with COVID-19 — United States, February 12–April 9, 2020

Getting Back to Wrok will be more difficult than this.

The First Critical Issue is How COVID-19 is Transmitted

How Covid-19 Really Spreads

How Covid-19 is transmitted - Prather et al., 2020, Science

i Setting up a registry for evaluating people concerned about the COVID-19 - coronavirus - SARS-CoV-2

A memory test - a continuous recognition test
get baseline function before getting sick, follow your course.

A Memory Health Registry - under development

The new site for the Corona Registry - - under development

A site for assessing stress related to COVID-19 - from the Maheen Adamson Lab, Stanford

Deeper Learning through Neuroscience
COVID-19 epidemic, free, analytic tools to the public
eNL COVID-19 Risk Tool

COVID-19 Symptom Tracker

COVID-19 Tracker APP

Participate in COVID-19 Genomic Study


COVID-19 Tracker in US - by Johns Hopkins

CDC-NVSS-Provisional Death Counts for COVID-19 in US

Health rankings in US - World Life Expectancy

US Census - Age & Sex compsition in 2019

DEATH RATE Icncreases exponentially with age, doubling time with age is about 7.45 years

DEATH METER - top 20 causes of death

World Health Organization - WHO - top 10 causes of death

Death on the Diamond Princess

These forms were developed by the War Related Illness & Injury Study (WRIISC) of the VA:


Intake Packet

Data Dictionary

Weight Reduction System

Exercises for Back Pain

New Jersey Health & Concerns

Brain Health Registry

Self Report Forms

Section 1: General Demographics 1 (has buttons)

Section 2: Military Demographics (has old form, no buttons)

Section 3: Health Concerns (has beginnings of form)

Section 4: Family Medical History (family history form developing)

Section 5: Medications

Section 6: General Health (has VR36 without buttons)

Section 7: Mental Health

Section 8: Stress (has PCL5)

Section 9: Gastrointestinal Symptoms

Section 10: Pain and Fatigue (Pain Matric added - needs further work)

Section 11: Headaches

Section 12: Sleep (Pittsburg Sleep Quality Index added - no buttons)
Section 12: Sleep (Intake Packet/Health Questionnaire format)

Section 13A: Military Environmental Exposures

Section 13B: Military Environmental Exposures

Section 14: Civilian Environmental Exposures

Section 15: Military Deployments

Section 16: Unit Cohesion

Section 17: Health Screenings

Section 18: WRIISC Program

Section 19: Somatic Symptom Severity

Section 20: OEF/OIF/OND Information

Section 21: Tobacco Use

Cognitive and Behavioral Health

other items

Cognitive and Behavioral Health Mefloquine,TBI, PTSD - 5 levels

Cognitive and Behavioral Health Mefloquine,TBI, PTSD - 21 levels

Cognitive and Behavioral Health Lability Scale - 5 levels

COMPASS Developing to include lung function

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