For the best screening test for memory impairment, dementia, concussion, and Alzheimer's disease, Take the MemTrax Memory Test - - click here!!

Click Here to calculate MemTrax percentiles from over 300,000 online subjects.

For a professional memory measurement
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The MNEMOMETER measures episodic memory.
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(clinical version under development)

Dr. Ashford's papers on MemTrax and Alzheimer's disease, including 2 papers that show that MemTrax is a superior test to the Montreal Cognitive Assessment (MOCA), which substantially outperforms the Mini-Mental State Exam (MMSE), which does not outperform several tests from the same era (see Ashford, 2008).

Alzheimer/MemTrax for treatment assessment - July 8, 2021, Society for Brain Mapping and Therapeutics, click here

Alzheimer/MemTrax presentation - June 10, 2019, Stanford Geriatric Psychiatry Grand Rounds, Palo Alto, California, click here

For a MemTrax clinical example, click here

MemTrax is an assessment system for measuring memory function that can detect signs of Alzheimer's disease (this short, fun test takes 1 minute) - see here for earlier versions

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A-Screen (Alzheimer Screening)

Alzheimer Prevention

Alzheimer Hypotheses

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APAN34-Sri Lanka Meeting- 2012-08-27

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    To participate in research on ALZHEIMER'S DISEASE
    at the Stanford / VA Alzheimer Center, click here!!

MEDAFILE is a website on ALZHEIMER'S DISEASE - for families, clinicians, researchers -  providing information on Alzheimer's disease, forms for medical practitioners to evaluate patients with dementia or other memory problems, diagnostic recommendations, management suggestions, and etiological hypotheses.

International Conference on Alzheimer's Disease - July 17, 2006, Madrid, Spain

See Dr. Ashford talk about Alzheimer's disease in San Francisco (2002)
(about 1 meg, WMV format, Active X).
  This video clip introduces the End Alzheimer Task Force of the Internet Broadcasting Association and plans for on-line Alzheimer screening tests.

- A-Screen is a test that is recommended for primary care practitioners to screen patients over the age of 60 years for possible cognitive impairment.  - The standard MMSE, as a group of items to be arithmetically summed (removed pending resolution of copyright issues), is  not  recommended by this site.  Note that there have been recent attempts to pull this test from the public domain by the new owners of the copyright, who have also obtained a trademark for this widely used term. As a clear public domain alternative, the Stanford / VA Alzheimer Center has developed the Brief Cognitive Exam (removed pending resolution of copyright issues). A better approach to dementia severity measurement is to complete the "Item Response Analysis" version of the MMSE, provided here, and calculate an estimate of the relative number of years into Alzheimer's disease, MMSEi.  The extended version, MMSEe, provides a broader assessment.

TOP 10 TREATMENTS  for preventing Alzheimer's disease 
-- see version in Long Island Alzheimer Foundation News Letter, July, 2002
--  see - 2008 version web --  see - 2008 version doc

ALZHEIMER  HYPOTHESIS (Dr. Ashford's Neuroplasticity Hypothesis)

Dr. Ashford's comment on the NIH State-of-the-Science Conference, April 26-28, 2010 (This conference downplayed important developments in research on risk factors, particularly genetics, and prevention of Alzheimer's disease, while recommending RCTs - randomized controlled trials - before we even know what to test.)

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